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  • Wii or Wii U console
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii game disc (US, Europe or Japan versions)
  • SD card with at least 570MB free space
  • SD adapter or slot so you can transfer files to it from your computer

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(Older versions)

If your Wii is fully up-to-date (running System Software 4.3), you can easily set up Riivolution and play Newer using Letterbomb.

If you want to play on a Wii U or you're running System Software 4.2 or earlier, you will need to follow some different instructions. See the Installation Guide for further information on both of these methods.

Download size: 468 MB
Size when unpacked: 535 MB
MD5 hash: 35b27d47877cca023f26b73b86fd2925

Special thanks to Dirbaio, TheSchaf and Tempus for previously hosting the Newer downloads.