Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will Newer be released?
It's already released. You missed it.
2. Where can I get an ISO of this game? How can I make one?
We do not support piracy, so we cannot provide links to an ISO of this game or instructions on how to make one. Sorry about that.
3. Can I use any assets made by the Newer Team in my own project?
Anything you'd like aside from the levels. We would appreciate it if you gave credit, too!
4. Are you going to make a Newerest SMBW, or a Newer 2?
We released Newer Super Mario Bros. DS for the Nintendo DS in 2017. You can check that out, as well as our other projects, on the main page. We don't plan to make one ourselves, but if you'd like a similarly ambitious mod for New Super Mario Bros. 2, check out Super Mario Bros. Next. (We are not affiliated with this project.)
5. Can I still play the original game after installing Newer?
Of course! Newer is only active when you launch the game through the Riivolution channel. The original game will still be playable from the Disc Channel. Your disc is never modified, and as it happens, your console is physically incapable of doing that in the first place.
6. Why do you like potatoes and onions so much?
It can only be love.
7. My question is not answered here. How can I get in touch?
You can drop us an email at