Newer Super Mario Bros. U Archive


Newer Super Mario Bros. U was in development from about 2016 to early 2018 before being officially cancelled. There are several reasons that development stopped, but the main reason is that very little progress was being made on it, and that was demotivating enough to call it quits (alongside other reasons that we won't get into here).

There were some things made, though, and that's what this page is all about! Here you'll find just about everything that was created for Newer U, including levels, tools, code, music, and more. Enjoy!

Newer U Main Archive Pack

Download Link (MEGA)

This is a copy of the Dropbox that was used during development (with things like personal info, copyrighted material, and files that are available as other downloads on this page removed).

This is where most of the Newer U game assets can be found. It includes:

Since these are unfinished assets that do not represent a completed project, team members are not comfortable with their usage, so please refrain from using them in your own projects. They are for historical and archival purposes only. Thank you.

Newer U Source Code

GitHub Link

This is the custom code for Newer U. All the code hacks that were done are here; that includes randomised Yoshi colours, magic platforms, water waves, triple ? blocks, and even some custom enemies.

Unfortunately, in its current state, it is probably not usable to most people.

Satoru Level Editor

GitHub Link

This is the level editor that was created during the development of Newer U. It uses a special system for tilesets that allows for tilesets to be pulled from a single source during editing, instead of having to manually produce a tileset for every single level (which would otherwise be required).

This is completely outdated and most likely not very useful anymore, though. A lot more is known about the game than when the editor was created. This one can produce invalid output for some aspects of the level and is missing a lot of the settings for spawning enemies and such, so using another level editor instead is recommended; this is simply here for archival purposes.


Contact Us

If you have any questions, you can email us at Since Newer U isn't an active project, responding isn't a priority (and we may not have an adequate answer), but we'll try our best to get back to you!

Sidenote: please do not ask about creating a "revival" project. We get it a lot, and the answer is no. Your mod can be named anything else, there's no reason to attach it to ours. Sorry.